6 Reasons You Need a Shegasm in Your Life!

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Inmi Shegasm unique suction adult toyFirstly, what is the Inmi Shegasm?

The Shegasm is the latest high-end release from the Inmi brand. It’s a focused clitoral stimulator which enables women to experience intense orgasms with little to no effort, thanks to a suction stimulation method that works with a slight vibration to simulates oral sex.

Why you need the Shegasm in your life –

1. Do you like oral sex??? Then YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT IN YOUR LIFE!!! It’s perfect for women who love the sensations of receiving oral sex, this sex toy delivers in ways that standard vibrators simply can’t and elevates pleasure to orgasmic heights. The Shegasm is designed to provide users with seemingly effortless orgasms thanks to an intensely pleasurable suction sensation.

Inmi Shegasm unique suction adult toy2. It’s easy to use – Simply position the silicone cup over the clitoris and scroll through each setting to choose the ideal intensity level.

3. It has an ergonomic handheld design with a body-safe silicone cup is soft to the touch and allows for elevated comfort for even the most sensitive clitorises.

4. It’s wireless and rechargeable with a USB cord provided.

5. At $129.95 it’s on par with most rechargeable toys but is a fraction of the price of the popular Womanizer.

Inmi Shegasm unique suction adult toy6. And probably the most important reason why every woman should own a Shegasm – It’s what I imagine receiving oral sex from an Oral Sex God would be like.

You want one now don’t you?? Here’s how you can get your hands on one!

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